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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

i flew too high
i jumped off a cliff
and now i must fall
slient / hard / alone .

just like old times
a cycle i must go through
for endless n endless times .

i wish u were the answer
but my mind screams ur never be

i should shoot my heart out right now
and spare myself the trouble later

this gift i do not want.
a blessing or a curse ?
so part of me.

drinking once again from the bittercup
the wraith of life poured out
watch your heart dissolve into plup
and from the ashes will rise other frozen heart

the solution looks like meaningless
walking on a blind man road for so long
my slow death by purpose so narrow
but for a moment i seen pass jordan banks
and i touched the promised land
memories that never fade
woe is me

i want something i never get
everyone has it
everyone but me
take me for granted
use me n throw me away
replacable in everyway
the friend in the corner cover in shadows
always there when u fall
always ignored

perhaps there are mountians growing in the ocean floor
for now only god can see them grow
and once again i have to be content to wait
all alone

yea im moody again ....
dont think u understand what i just wrote
but if u know me well i guess u can probly guess correctly
nothing changed bah,still i lie myself to sleep when i should be shooting my heart out on the floor.

50th post ! does anyone still read this ? it like my dead man chest.

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